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First Grade Witnesses Metamorphosis of Swallowtail Butterflies

On September 22, 2020, the ICS Class of 2032 met 10 large green caterpillars. Over the next two weeks, the first graders studied the life cycle of the swallowtail butterfly, made keen observations, and patiently waited for them to become chrysalides.  First grade teachers Mrs. Kornmeyer and Mrs. Venuti used multiple technology formats in order to make it possible for virtual and in-person students to share in the excitement. After two weeks of high anticipation, the caterpillars transformed, and the waiting began.

Swallowtails are a special type of butterfly that can hibernate and can take months to emerge. Mrs. Kornmeyer took the habitats home over the winter months and on Tuesday, May 4, she finally observed a change in one of the habitats.  The next morning, she and Mrs. Venuti surprised the first graders by bringing their friends back to the classroom for the final stages of their metamorphosis. After much excitement and a lot of patience, the butterflies began to hatch and the class was able to experience the joy of their release.

The Class of 2032 eagerly awaits the excitement of the remaining chrysalises transforming into butterflies in the coming days. What a wonderful lesson about the power of patience and the life cycle of a butterfly!
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