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Application Process Opens to Class of 2022 for Voros Senior Thesis Program in the Humanities

During yesterday's Weekly Wednesday Q&A, Indian Creek juniors learned about the School's lauded Voros Senior Thesis program, which gives students the opportunity to explore a question of their choosing through a rigorous year-long humanities research process. Started by and named for former faculty member Chip Voros, the program is akin to a college thesis paper and gives students the chance to become an authority on a central topic that is important to them. 

Next school year and beyond, the program will expand its format to allow students to express the findings of their study through media beyond a traditional academic paper, such as via documentary filmmaking or creative visual arts.

Students heard from program director Matt Bucci and college counselor Maggie Melson on the many benefits of pursuing the Voros Thesis. Ms. Melson noted many Indian Creek students in past years have enjoyed a formative academic experience through the Voros Thesis Program, and in doing so they demonstrate strong initiative and intellectual curiosity when applying to colleges. Mr. Bucci cited the deep intellectual fulfillment students experience by spending a year becoming an expert on a topic that is important to them and the world.

“The Voros Senior Thesis is an amazing opportunity for seniors to turn a passion into an expertise by contributing to a greater body of academic studies and intellectualism,” said Bucci.

Click here to learn more about the Voros Senior Thesis program at Indian Creek School.
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