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First Grade STEM Projects Explore Wonders of the Moon

The ICS first grade combined their exploration of the wonders of the moon with a foray into the world of engineering through a series of engaging STEM activities.  Last week, students were presented with a challenge to build the tallest free-standing straw tower possible, using only 50 straws and one meter of tape.  The first grade students worked through all the steps of the Engineering Design Process and came up with some incredible creations!   

In a different project, the students were tasked to make their own model of the moon in order to demonstrate the orb's reflective properties.  During their studies, the Class of 2032 learned that the moon does not produce its own light. To illustrate how the moon appears to shine, each student created a mini moon model wrapped in aluminum foil and shined flashlights from a variety of angles to observe how  lights and shadows play off the surface.  The first grade astronomers enjoyed these and other activities to bolster their understanding of the moon.
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