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First Grade Students Create Oreo 'Phases of the Moon' Models

In anticipation of a day of virtual instruction due to forecasted winter weather, Mrs. Kornmeyer and Mrs. Venuti sent home a sealed astronomy kit that their first grade students were not to open until class time.  When the predicted virtual day arrived, on Tuesday, February 2, students logged in to class, opened their bags, and found...Oreo cookies!

This month, first grade students have been digging deep in understanding objects that can be observed in the sky. They have been deepening their understanding of what observations we can make about the moon and how the moon phases help us to predict the moon's patterns. Mrs. Kornmeyer and Mrs. Venuti wanted the students to work with their hands to show the eight phases and thought this activity would be perfect for a virtual day. The students worked hard to create, photograph and submit their final work, before the moon models disappeared!
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