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History Department Faculty Hosts American Government Process Q&A

27 students and teachers came together during X-Block today for an optional, informal Q&A session about the American Government Process with the ICS History Department faculty.  Students ranging from grades 7 through 12 appreciated the opportunity to process yesterday’s events at the U.S. Capitol Building with a group of knowledgeable adults who care about them.  The Creekers in attendance were curious and informed, and inspired a great conversation about governmental policies and procedures.   

Questions included:
“Why do we have the electoral college?”
“How did people manage to enter the Capitol Building when you can’t even fly in airspace overhead?”
“Who has the power to deploy the National Guard?”
“Why does it matter that Washington, DC, is a territory and not a state?”
“What special regulations are in place to protect federal land or properties?”
“What is the 25th Amendment?”
“What does symbolic action mean?"
“Will there be any recourse for the people involved?”
“What’s going to happen next?”
While many wished there were answers available for every question, the forum was beneficial in allowing even the toughest questions to be posed in a supportive environment.  “We are all historians in this room, so our wheelhouse is to formulate how these events relate to other events that have happened in our nation’s history,” shared History teacher Dr. Sarah Dziennik. “We must use our knowledge of the past combined with our awareness of the rules of law to understand the world around us and process what is happening now.”

Today’s Q&A provided a meaningful opportunity for students and faculty to practice the skills of empathy and active listening which have been a focus of Upper School advisory lessons this year.  Many in attendance found the session to be not only informative, but also a comforting way to learn and grow as a community. 
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