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Creek Community Celebrates the Festival of Lights

Happy Hanukkah!  Indian Creek classes school-wide learned about the season of miracles and the festival of light this week through classroom projects, lessons, and conversations.

Kindergarten learned about a variety of light celebrations, with some students taking lighting candles for the class to celebrate Hanukkah. Today, the Class of 2033 read the story “Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat,” by Naomi Howland.  This classic fairy tale plot features an old woman, a magic pan, and an act of kindness and compassion, all centered around the eight nights of Hanukkah in a community that works together for the good of all. The class also made dreidels from clay, danced to the Dreidel Song, and had language and literacy activities with Hanukkah themes. Students learned to draw Stars of David, then shared their knowledge of Hanukkah traditions and asked questions of their friends who are celebrating tonight.   

Pre-K3 through first grade students read nonfiction texts and fiction stories about Hanukkah in Research Lab this week.  The goal of this project was to use the nonfiction books to build background knowledge about the symbols and customs of Hanukkah, then discover how this knowledge enhanced the students’ enjoyment of the fiction stories.  In addition to the non-fiction texts, second and third grade students viewed a video exploring the history and origins of Hanukkah in addition to the symbols and customs, before enjoying their stories.  

Seventh grade students took a deeper dive into the meaning behind Hannukah, through a class conversation with Ms. Abraham.  The students learned the story behind the eight days, why we play the dreidel game, and discovered traditional Hannukah dishes including latkes, donuts and brisket.

Indian Creek students learned about the importance of tradition and togetherness during this season’s Hanukkah festivities.
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