Seventh Grade Takes a Deep Dive into American History

This week, the Class of 2026 took a deep dive into American History, participating in a variety of immersive experiences that could be done at school or at home. On Monday, November 9, seventh grade history students took a virtual field trip through National Geographic's Women: A Century of Change Virtual Reality Tour. This exhibit celebrates the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage by exploring images from National Geographic's historic archives that depict women from around the world. 
Next, the class held an American Story reading about the power of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, and then listened to his recording of the song “Black and Blue.” Students also created comic strips based on the concept of US Imperialism. (Works above by M. Hunt '26 and I. Sussman '26)
After immersing themselves in these pieces, students will reflect on the experience of Americans throughout history and drawing parallels to issues of today.