Gummy Bears Add Excitement to Second Grade Solubility Lab

Gummy Bears were bouncing here and there and everywhere, as the Indian Creek School Class of 2031 conducted a solubility lab on Wednesday, October 7.  Students from Mrs. Snyder and Ms. Scheffer's second grade classes experienced a high adventure beyond compare, as they observed the various impacts of sodium, sugar, water, and vinegar solutions on their favorite gelatinous treat. "Its shrinking!" exclaimed Blake '31 after his bear had been immersed for 10 minutes.  "Mine disappeared," shared Jackson '31 who placed his bear in vinegar.  After the class made their observations, Mrs. Snyder asked her second grade chemists to share their hypotheses about why each solution may have had the effects that they did on the gummy bears. This delightful lab produced many great ideas (and a revival of the Gummi Bears 1980s theme song.)