Vivite vitam dignam ad narrandum! Latin Students Create Personal Mottos

Mr. Connolly's Latin II and Latin IV students exercised their knowledge of the language by translating mottos of states, colleges and universities as part of their class warm-ups. After several days of translating the mottos of established organizations, the students were inspired the students created their own personal mottos. The resulting mantras were quite astute - and entertaining!
Student motto samples include:
Fortes et Boni creant mundum. (The Brave and the Good create the world.)
Semper tempto. (Always I try.)
Semper audax, fortis, et paratus. (Always bold, brave, and prepared.)
Vivite vitam dignam ad narrandum! (Live a life worthy of telling!)
Esto benigus non stultus! (You shall be kind, not stupid!)
Forma tuam fatum! (Form your own fate!)  
Mens sana in corpore sano. (A sound mind in a sound body.)              
Oceana aura mentem ad otium ponit. (An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease.)
Create your personal latin motto and share it with Mr. Connolly and his classes today!