Environmental Science Students Create Invasive Species Wanted Posters

This week, eighth grade Environmental Science students are studying invasive species and their impact on the environment. To help showcase their knowledge and raise awareness about this important topic, students have each chosen an invasive species and created a "wild west" style Wanted poster to highlight their creature.  Each project contains four slides: The first slide is the poster, which includes the common name, the scientific name, a photo of the species, and a short paragraph describing the ‘villain’ and why they are ‘Not Wanted.” The students' second slides focused on the organisms' natural habitats, while slide three portrayed the invasive range of the species. Students shared how each organism was introduced into the new area, whether this invasion was intentional or accidental, and what damage the creatures have caused to the environment and its organisms. The last slide gave students the opportunity to share strategies for how to get rid of these invasive species, if possible. For this piece, the students researched what is currently being done, how effective these efforts are, and whether the organisms pose a threat to humans.  Mr. Roth was pleased with his students' work as they presented their final projects to the class.