Kindergarten Celebrates "The Gold of Friendship" with Alma Thomas-Inspired Art Project

One of the most important skills that students learn in Kindergarten is how to be a good friend.  This year, the Class of 2033 feels that they are especially happy to be at school and able to be together with their friends.  The class decided that they wanted to dedicate a day to celebrating friendship.

As the students planned their day, they read a wonderful book called, The Gold of Friendship, by Gail Peterson.  After reading the story, the children had a conversation where they shared their guesses for what is at the end of the rainbow. The students wondered, "Is it gold? Or is it more?" As the class talked about about their greatest treasures, they realized that making friends is important to everyone.  Our Kindergarten parents also listed making friends as an important hope and dream for their students this year.  
On Thursday, September 24, the students enjoyed a lesson centered around hopes, dreams, and friendships.  The class learned about Alma Thomas, an African American art teacher who became a prolific artist. The students learned that Ms. Thomas taught for 30 years in Washington, DC, before even starting on her career as an artist. They enjoyed learning about the many ways that Ms. Thomas' friends supported her to learn and to study later in life while she went back to school to pursue her dream.  As the class created a rainbow art project in the style of Alma Thomas' art, they discussed the many ways in which community is important to us all.