Eighth Graders "Unscience an Animal" in Environmental Science

Zoologists, researchers, scientists, and people who just love animals enjoyed a twitter craze over the summer, and the ICS Class of 2025 joined right in! In order to counteract the highly technical scientific jargon which makes most animal research publications difficult for the layperson to understand, zoos across the United States developed the hashtag #UnscienceAnAnimal. The results of this movement were entertaining to animal lovers of all ages. Environmental Science teacher Mr. Stephen Roth felt that this project would be a great way to inspire his eighth grade students to look at animals from a new perspective, and so he tasked his students to "unscience" an animal of their choosing.  The results sparked many a laugh, and provided insight and new knowledge about the biology of a variety of species as the eighth graders presented their projects in class. Way to go eighth grade!