AP Biology Students Complete Gummy Bear Statistical Analysis

Mrs. Roth's AP Biology students dove right in to the start of the year! This week, the class completed two labs designed to teach data collection and statistical analysis. 

The week started with the class forming lab groups and designating students to complete the labs and students to record data. The senior and junior AP Bio students had the opportunity to pick up equipment bags, containing materials for their home labs. Then came the fun!  Students conducted two labs to examine how gummy bears change in size after being immersed in a solution for 24 hours.  Experiment one examined whether the color of the gummy bears had any effect on the change in mass.  Experiment two examined the effects of different concentrations of sugar water on dissolution.  Students set-up and processed both of these experiments as a class, and are currently working through descriptive and inferential statistics to test their hypotheses. 

Based on what she's seen so far during these two "starter labs," Mrs. Roth is excited about the year ahead with her class. "AP Biology pushes students to explore a lot of information in a short time, and these kids are rising to the challenge!  They are taking on new things at a fast pace by preparing, doing, and asking.  Every day they work hard and aren’t afraid to ask questions, which is my favorite part of any class.  Our class time typically goes the entire 80 minutes, but these students make it such a fun experience that we don't want the period to end."