Chesapeake Certified Landscape Designer Visits Kindergarten

A traditional highlight of the ICS Kindergarten curriculum is a unit of study about the Chesapeake Bay.  This week, the Class of 2032 welcomed a special guest speaker to join their class Zoom meetings to share information with them about how they can help protect the Bay.  Chesapeake-certified landscape designer Mr. Moran (who is also the father of Kindergarten teacher Emma Johnson) visited the kindergarteners to talk about how plants and gardens can help the bay.  Mr. Moran taught the class about how the watershed works, and how what people do in their yards even hundreds of miles away impacts the bay.  He explained the importance of native plants (“plants that have been in Maryland for hundreds and hundreds of years”), and how reducing the amount of grass in your yard can help the bay as well.  Most importantly, Mr. Moran advised the students to not cut any trees down, as trees on land have great impact on the health of the Chesapeake Bay.  The kindergarten students enjoyed learning about the many ways in which a variety of plants and flowers can help the birds and our bay. The students had great questions after Mr. Moran’s presentation. Many said that they were inspired to work in their gardens over this long weekend!