Virtual Bingo Adds Excitement to Synchronous Spanish Classes

In an effort to bring more engagement and student interaction into her Upper School Spanish lessons, teacher Lindsey Seynhaeve created a virtual Bingo game to play with students during their synchronous lessons. 

Sra. Seynhaeve created custom bingo cards through an app called "Bingo Baker" which each contained a variety of Spanish vocabulary words. During class, she would ask questions like, 'Where do you go shopping?," and students with bingo squares containing appropriate answers like "centro comercial" or "tienda de comestibles" could mark their squares. The game was also used as a way for students to practice conjugating verbs. 

Upper School students had a great time playing virtual Bingo this week, and the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools even highlighted the ICS lesson in their Educator newsletter.  Congratulations to Spanish I winners were Sonia Homick '20 and Julian Butler '23, Spanish II winners Josh Leedy '22, Sydney Kornmeyer '23, and Stephen Damm '23, and Spanish III winner Nick Menendez '22.