Laudations! 17 Indian Creek Scholars Earn National Latin Exam Recognition

The National Latin Exam is administered to thousands of students nationally and worldwide in March. Students who perform notably on the exam receive certificates and medals at each level. Summa Cum Laude designates honors "with the highest praise" (Gold), Maxima Cum Laude designates honors "with the greatest praise (Silver), Magna Cum Laude designates honors "with great praise," and Cum Laude designates honors "with praise."  Honorifice, meaning "with honor or respect" gives additional recognition to those who missed Cum Laude by one or two answers.

17 Indian Creek Scholars from grades 7-12 earned honors recognition in this year's National Latin Exam. Congratulations to the following students, and their teachers Ms. Haury and Mr. Connolly:

Sophia Wells '20, Magna Cum Laude
Victoria Auld '20, Cum Laude
Sara  Lahoff '20, Honorifice
Michael Mercer '20, Honorifice
Annabelle Derrick '21, Magna Cum Laude
Riley Souder '22, Magna Cum Laude
Paige Clark '21, Honorifice
Emma Kornmeyer '21, Honorifice

Julian Sherrod '23, Maxima Cum Laude ( Silver)
Aiden Alexander '24, Magna Cum Laude
Matthew Hall '23, Magna cum Laude
Abigail McKenney '23, Cum Laude
Ethan Stubbs '22,  Cum Laude    
Gregory Butler '23, Honorifice
Matthew Earl '24, Honorifice

Intro to Latin
Myra Benbow '25, Honorifice
Jason Marks '25, Honorifice