Fifth Grade Students Create Video Lectures on Age of Enlightenment

Students in the ICS Class of 2027 gained experience at being Virtual Professors this week, as they presented video lectures on the Age of Exploration. 

The fifth graders shared their thoughts on "How the Age of Exploration Impacted Western Development" through flipgrid. Bella '27 shared, "The Age of Enlightment impacted western development by giving people the opportunity to explore and travel." She noted that people who had the courage and confidence to explore new territories changed the world. Rafferty '27 added that "The Age of Exploration impacted western development by spreading religious ideas and faith around the globe." He went on to share that the Age of Exploration also impoved the world's navigation systems, allowing bigger European countries to make new colonies. Phoebe '27 summarized that "The Age of Exploration impacted western development because people liked to explore new places and new things. IT also impacted trade: People found new sea routes that were much easier and much quicker."   

The fifth grade student videos are available as informative "guest lecture" content for our high school World History students!