Historical Figures Come to Life through Fourth Grade Black History Wax Museum

An incredible array of historical figures attended the Lower School assembly on Friday, March 6, as the ICS Class of 2028 presented their Black History Month projects in the form of a wax museum. 

Over the past month, each fourth grade student has researched an historical or contemporary black American and created a "frame" with details about the individuals' lives and achievements.  The students then placed themselves around the Evergreen Campus Alumni Hall so that their parents, teachers, and peers could explore the Wax Museum. The students shared information about their characters’ lives in the first person. During this event, the audience had the opportunity to speak with dignitaries such as George Washington Carver, Katherine Johnson, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Jordan, Barak Obama, Colin Powell, Mohammad Ali, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Hank Aaron, Benjamin Banneker, Jackie Robinson, Vivienne Thomas, Maya Angelou, Jesse Owens, Ruby Bridges, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Click here to view a full gallery of Wax Museum photos.