EMPOWER Self Defense Seminar Builds Confidence and Connections

If you happened to pass by the Dance Studio the afternoon of Friday, Februray 7, it may have appeared that a group of Upper School students and faculty members were hitting, kicking, and pushing each other around. This activity was part of an invigorating self-defense seminar for Upper School students who identify as female, held by the ICS EMPOWER club.

EMPOWER is a student-run club for students who identify as female to gain valuable leadership experience, learn self defense skills, and help educate the Indian Creek community. Throughout the winter semester, the group has explored several issues facing women in today's society and shared ways to combat barriers in daily life and the wider world. As a culmination of their experience, EMPOWER invited two instructors from Gracie Jiu-Kitsu Annapolis to spend an afternoon at Indian Creek teaching students how to prevent, counter, and escape an attack. Instructor Bea Laycook and a colleague led 12 students and two teachers in a lesson on self defense techniques through safe hand-to-hand simulations where one woman played the attacker and another the person being attacked. The interactive role-plays empowered the group to learn some very practical and helpful lessons to help navigate the world with their eyes open and new confidence and awareness. They all said they left the seminar feeling more feeling empowered, and also more connected to their peers!