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Class of 2029 Culminates Ancient Roman Studies with Feast and Independent Study Day

Laudations to the ICS Class of 2029, who culminated their studies on Ancient Rome with a Roman Feast and Independent Study Day! The third grade students worked diligently for weeks, to research and write about a facet of this incredible time period, and then had such fun assembling their projects at school. The class fortified themselves for this work with an authentic Roman breakfast feast together before delving into their work. Each and every project - from Gladiators, to the Punic Wars, to Aquaducts, to Cleopatra - was thoughtfully planned, carefully assembled and creatively completed. Students had a wonderful time presenting their work to both parents and students in other grades. They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but if the ICS Class of 2029 had been there, it may have been possible!

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