Lower School STEAM Day a SUPER-Adventure for All!

Zap! Boom! Pow! Indian Creek Lower School students had a super time, discovering the heroic feats made possible through science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics during January 17th's Lower School STEAM Day celebration.

On Lower School STEAM Day, students in Pre-K through sixth grade enjoyed a wide variety of STEAM activities, designed by the faculty to engage and enrich the students, which all centered around the superhero theme.

Early Childhood delved into the worlds of their own superheroes: The Falcon, Ant Man, and Wonderwoman, and also enjoyed some superhero yoga! Pre-K and Kindergarten students learned that The Falcon can not only understand birds, he can fly like one too! The children deepened their understanding of falcons by learning how big and fast they are, how they use their beaks to eat and what makes feathers such a useful thing for flying. Just like Falcon, they then drew inspiration from the birds to create their own flying contraptions out of a variety of materials, and also communicated with blue bot “birds” to program their flight paths.

In their "Ant Man" station, students learned that while ants may be tiny, they have incredible strength! The children observed how ants work together as a team to accomplish amazing things, and studied the three major ant body parts while learning about their life cycle. Students then helped ants navigate their way through tunnels that they created using blocks and technology.

At the Wonder Woman station, the students investigated the important traits that Wonder Woman offers to us: truth, honesty, wisdom and compassion. They then created their own Wonder Woman bracelets, solved a jungle puzzle, explored a sensory table full of aspects of a Paradise Island ecosystem, and designed bowls made of clay snakes.

Super Hero yoga was a STEAM Day highlight for all! After reading the book I am Fearless by Apryl Dawn and Amanda Cottrell, the students donned their super hero capes and homemade super hero masks for their own practice and reflection.

First through fourth grade students immersed themselves in the world of Superheroes through several stations, which included a Superhero Coding activitiy - but WITHOUT a computer. (Think balloons, physics, and aerodynamics! Students also undertook a "Construct a Superhero" STEM Challenge, where they imagined and created their own heroes. Third graders Aiden and Taylor enjoyed this activity, creating "Peely the Superhero," who's power is to spit out bananas out of its mouth so that people will slip and fall, in order help Peely stop the bad guys and take them to jail. The boys placed a heart on Peely's forehead to encourage people to love each other and bananas.  First through fourth grade students also used 3D Printer Pens and Ozobots to create their own superhero shields. They also learned about real-life superhero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and designed and built podiums behind which figures of Dr. King could stand.

Fifth grade students were challenged to design the smallest helmet possible that would still protect their superhero (an egg)'s head. After the helmets were built, they were tested by dropping the eggs and helmets to see if the egg breaks. Fifth graders also built dental floss Spiderman Webs, using chair legs as the supporting frame, then tested their webs to see if they were strong enough to hold a superhero action figure.  Finally, the fifth graders "Leaped a Tall Building," by calculating the average height that their group members could jump, then figuring out how many jumps it would take each group to leap various tall buildings around the world.

Sixth grade students enjoyed STEAM Day by using 3D pens to design and create their own superhero logos. They also made glow-in-the-dark Kryptonite slime, and participated in the Leap a Tall Building station.

Indian Creek's 2020 Lower School STEAM Day provided a super-adventure for all!
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