Indian Creek School featured prominently in Leadership Anne Arundel Education and Technology Day

Leadership Anne Arundel’s (LAA) Education and Technology Day featured several Indian Creek School (ICS) speakers. On January 9, 2020, The LAA Flagship Class of 2020 spent the day learning about education and technology featuring a theme of “Building Relationships that will Change your Life.”

The opening session “The Knowing-Believing Gap: Why Our Own Beliefs Keep us from Being our Best” was facilitated by ICS parent Wes Huey. Cdr. Huey is the Chief Learning Officer for Skyline Technologies. He is very proud of his three ICS students: Kyle ’21, Emily ’24, and Evan ’24.

The Student Panel featured Indian Creek senior Jordyne Hebron. Jordyne clearly articulated how Indian Creek faculty have helped her to navigate challenges in school and life. She also described how ICS teachers Mr. and Mrs. Woodward have helped her to pursue her passion of being a film director. Jordyne’s mature and articulate presentations inspired the county leaders to ask questions about Indian Creek’s size and program.

Seven LAA Class members visited the Upper School that afternoon to observe Indian Creek's innovative and organic use of technology, and to learn more about how ICS teachers develop meaningful relationships with students. Head of School Booth Kyle welcomed the guests before Director of Teaching and Learning Sarah Allen provided context about how Creek teachers strive to help students understand how they learn best. Upper School Biology Teacher and Blended Learning (BLinc) Program Director Tricia Roth talked about how BLinc courses help students understand learning goes well beyond their school day. Lower School Math, Science, and Coding teacher Ab Bear talked about how we approach coding like learning a foreign language that empowers students to do their best.

Director of College Counseling Maggie Melson serves on the LAA Education and Technology Day Committee. She is very proud of all of the ICS community members who inspired some regional leaders to want to learn more about all Indian Creek has to offer.