Thanksgiving Immersion Day Gives Pre-K and Kindergarten Students In-Depth Look at Fall Themes

On Friday, November 22, the ICS Pre-K and Kindergarten classes got into the fall spirit by enjoying a Thanksgiving Immersion Day! Throughout the morning, the students participated in  four work centers centered around a Thanksgiving themes.

The activities included an "Ocean-to-Table in the 1600’s" station, where students explored the art of painting with fish and made fishing nets as part of the experience. At this station, the children learned that seafood was a main food staple of both the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. 

The next station gave the students the opportunity to hear "The Story of the First Thanksgiving,"
and learn about the first shared Harvest celebration that we now call Thanksgiving. They also enjoyed a popular Native American snack, and created thankfulness bracelets.

Another station invited the children to "Wade into the Cranberry Bog,"while they imagined what it was like to go out to the cranberry bog to harvest cranberries - one of the fruits that is native to this country. After gathering their cranberries, students discovered the fascinating and fun characteristics of this fruit.

Finally, at the "Meet the Three Sisters" station, students learned how the Indians taught the pilgrims to plant three crops together, corn, beans and squash to make them stronger during the growing season. They also discovered the secret ingredient used to help the plants grow.

Our Early Childhood Thanksgiving Immersion day provided the Pre-K and Kindergarten students a wonderful immersive lesson