Outstanding Fall Athletes Honored at Awards Assembly

On Monday, December 2, Indian Creek Upper School students, faculty, coaches, and parents held a special assembly to honor our Outstanding Fall Athletes and celebrate our Varsity Boys Soccer MIAA Championship, as well as the many successes of our Eagles Varsity and JV Cross Country, Equestrian Field Hockey, JV Boys Soccer, Varsity Girls Soccer, Sailing, and Volleyball teams. Fall 2019 was a stellar season for Eagles Athletics, as every team made it at least to the semi-final round of conference playoffs!

Each coach had the opportunity to share a recap of the season and honor standout players in the categories of Most Improved Player, Most Outstanding Player, and Players' Choice. 

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 Athletics Award winners:
Varsity Cross Country
Most Improved: Carter Herrman '22
Most Outstanding: Shaun Gerety '20
Players' Choice: Abby McKenney '23

Varsity Field Hockey
Unsung Hero: Sonia Homick '20
Most Improved: Cate Malachowski '23
Most Outstanding: Liz Foster '20
Players' Choice: Kendyl Underwood '20

JV Boys Soccer
Most Improved: Jack Noble '23
Most Outstanding: Nick Stroble '22
Players' Choice: Connor Welter '23

Varsity Boys Soccer
Most Improved: John Warner '20
Most Outstanding: Rex Flanagan '21
Players' Choice: Zim Ibe '21

Varsity Girls Soccer
Most Improved: Havana Mullaly '22
Most Outstanding: Cali Schwerdtfeger '21
Players' Choice: Dani Engelfried '22

Most Improved: Anthony Thonnard '22
Most Outstanding: Cal Morris-Berlin '22
Players' Choice: Olivia Boucher '21

Varsity Volleyball
Most Improved: Portia Fernandes '21
Most Outstanding: Laila Ivey '22
Players' Choice: Emma Bach '20

Congratulations Eagles!