"She Kills Monsters" Cast & Crew Spend Evening with Rorshach Theater Counterparts

The ICS “She Kills Monsters” cast and their families recently spent a night out together, attending the Rorshach Theatre’s production of ... "She Kills Monsters!"  When the cast learned that the show was being performed at the Atlas Theater in Washington, DC, and that it had been choreographed by Tooth & Claw Fight Company - the same stage combat choreographers who blocked the ICS show, they decided that a field trip was in order. And their families jumped in on the fun!

This enjoyable evening out was a great bonding experience for the cast, crew, and their families. The group enjoyed seeing the different artistic choices made by the Rorshach directors and actors. A favorite part of the evening for the directors and cast parents was watching the ICS actors watch their parts come to life onstage. The highlight for the cast came after the show, when the Rorshach actors and stage manager came to the lobby to meet their ICS counterparts. Hugs, high fives, and compliments were exchanged, as the two casts hung out for almost an hour after the show ended. The two groups became fast friends, and the Rorshach theater even promoted the ICS show on social media. The Indian Creek cast and their families declare the Rorshach production - and this evening - a “critical hit!”