Indian Creek LIKE Screening Sparks Discussion on the Real Impact of Social Media on Our Lives

On Thursday, November 7, Indian Creek School held two screenings of the compelling Indieflix documentary LIKE. LIKE reveals the true effects of technology on the brain and uncovers the impact social media can have on our lives. The film’s mission is to educate, inform and inspire people to effectively self-regulate their screen time.
During the school day, all Indian Creek sixth through twelfth grade students and faculty viewed the film. This presentation was followed up by class discussions inspired by the film. Indian Creek students had thoughtful interpretations of what they saw: “I thought the research presented in the movie was strong, but it didn’t try to show the positive side of social media communication. But after seeing LIKE, I guess I am probably glad that my parents make me leave my phone in another room at night, even though it annoys me,” shared a student in Ms. Derry’s advisory.
Over 50 families attended the evening LIKE screening, which was followed by an informative panel discussion featuring a clinical therapist, a child psychologist, and a child/adolescent psychiatrist. The panel included Counselor Erin Castleberry from Castleberry Counseling and Education Services, Dr. Duane Isava from the Halcyon Wellness Center, and Child Psychologist Dr. Michael Labellarte, and was moderated by Indian Creek Upper School Counselor Dotti Lang. Indian Creek parents asked many very thoughtful questions, and the panelists provided wonderful answers with usable advice. They also had a great sense of humor, making the audience laugh despite talking about some pretty serious topics.
The panel reiterated themes that are prevalent in the Indian Creek philosophy: Know your children and talk to them. Even if a parent is intimidated by the thought of allowing a child to use social media, the panelists encouraged them to remember that social media is and will always be a part of their lives. Parents and educators need to prepare children to thrive in the world of today. They shared that the most important thing parents can do is to have ongoing discussions with their children regarding the benefits and consequences of using social media. Rather than restricting all use, the panelists encouraged parents to make choices for their families based on the maturity levels of their children, and to be proactive in talking about issues that may arise regularly. Ask your child “What would you do if?” and “How would you react if?” questions often, rather than waiting for an issue to come up. The panel encouraged our community to embrace social media knowing that using it effectively could play an integral role in helping parents raise autonomous, functional adults who make good choices.
All attendees left both sessions with a more educated understanding on the effects of social media on the emotional well-being of our kids. Ms. Castleberry shared, “Thank you Indian Creek School for caring about the issue and for helping to get the word out about the highs and lows of living life online.” Indian Creek would like to thank our wonderful panelists Ms. Castleberry, Dr. Usava, Dr. Labellarte. We would also like to thank Ms. Lang for organizing and moderating this sensational panel of speakers, and PTO Parent Education Chair Lynann Derrick and her Committee for making the event possible. Thank you as well to the PTO Executive Committee and our PTO members for their generosity which brought this wonderful film and discussion to our community.
LIKE Private Pay Per View Available to Indian Creek Families:
We recognize that some of our families were unable to attend the community screening of LIKE therefore we have partnered with IndieFlix to make the film, discussion guide, tip sheet, and access to the filmmakers available only for members of our school for a limited time, November 8 -14 (expiring at midnight). You will be able to watch as a Private-Pay-Per-View for a fee of $25.
(Access lasts 24 hours after purchase. Supporting materials are yours to keep!)
Rent the film and access the supporting discussion materials here for $25:
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