Kindergarten Gets Buggy with Entomologist Dr. Harold Harlan

You should take him to a bug doctor. What do you call them?” [Cricket in Times Square by George Selden]

Entomologists!” shout the Indian Creek School Kindergarten students.

On Tuesday, May 14, the Indian Creek School Class of 2031 got buggy as they welcomed Dr. Harold Harlan, a local entomologist and one of the leading bug experts in the United States. This special event supported the students’ reading of the novel The Cricket in Times Square. Not only did Dr. Harlan introduce the students to his cricket friends, he shared information about bugs of all kinds, describing what an entomologist does and sharing many bug facts. The students then enjoyed five different centers to explore the insect world further: bug sticker art, bug stamp art, bug books, two bug specimen stations and one station with Dr. Harlan himself and the live hissing cockroaches!

Thank you to Dr. Harlan and the Entomologist Society of America for this exciting visit.

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