Creek Community Gathers to Celebrate History and Look to the Future

On Saturday, April 27, over 400 current families, alumni families, former teachers, and friends of Indian Creek School (ICS) gathered to celebrate Indian Creek School. "Creekers" from every era of ICS visited the Evergreen Campus to honor the School's history, and thank  the school’s three founders, Anne Chambers, Rebecca Randolph, and Tracy Coleman, Jr. Guests roamed the school, reminiscing about their favorite memories in each space, reconnected with old friends and former teachers, sampled favorite ICS Cafeteria meals (one alumnus even said that the Italian Dunkers were exactly how he remembered them!), and shared their own Creek stories about their experiences on the original Evergreen Campus. As a bonus, each guest received a commemorative bandana of the Evergreen Campus as a memento of this day.
After walking down memory lane, the community gathered in Alumni Hall where Director of Campus Connections Bruce Crossman reflected on the school’s history, giving special thanks to the school’s founders, their vision, and the philosophy that still holds strong today. The marvelous careers of Learning Specialist Charlotte Gibboney and Director of Teaching and Learning Mary Mannix were honored by alumnae Sarah Allen ’01 and Erica Argilan ’17, who lovingly spoke about their former first grade teachers with admiration and awe. Chris Mannix ’91, Trustee and  Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair, also honored his mom, Mary Mannix, and then spoke about the future of Indian Creek School. He was followed by former Board Chair Rick Grindrod and alumna Caroline Grindrod ’13, who highlighted their famliy’s appreciation for ICS and excitement for what is to come. At the event's conclusion, the first rendering for the new Lower School building was unveiled, which promoted a great deal of excitement for and interest in the future of Indian Creek School!
Bruce Crossman’s words about ICS and perfectly summarize the event:
“Today, we gather to celebrate a school we love and bid farewell to these walls and halls. But Indian Creek’s academic programs have never stopped evolving since our founding, and our buildings have changed accordingly. Now we have a transformational opportunity to propel our mission forward on one campus that lives up to our philosophy and our high curricular standards.  While I know that it is not the building, but the people, relationships, and warmth inside that make a home, this campus has indeed been home to generations of Creekers.
This building holds a special place in the hearts of every student, parent, and teacher who has passed through the Bell Tower doors over the past 46 years. As we reflect on our good memories affiliated with Indian Creek School, let’s remind ourselves that the best features of the school are the people. Founders Anne Chambers, Becky Randolph, and Tracy Coleman laid the foundation that launched this school and all the special connections that have been developed here over the past 46 years. Thank you, Anne, Becky, and Tracy, for your great vision, leadership, and approach to education that is as effective as it is rare. You have impacted thousands of lives  - from students, parents, and even grandparents - over the past 46 years, but the foundation you created was a lot more than just this building. 
The core of Indian Creek has been created through an evolving web of important personal connections between students, teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, and families of alumni, including over 25 children of alumni who are currently enrolled at ICS (and over 35 next year!) Everyonehere today, and many who are here with us in spirit, are a special part of the collective energy that makes Indian Creek a truly special school community.”

Several guests agreed with his sentiments, sharing:

"Thank you to the teachers and faculty of ICS for helping to shape me into the person I am. Thank you for not only creating a school dedicated to education and development but for creating a true family. I am so honored to be a part of the ICS family and hope that my children will soon be able to be a part of this family!"

"I saw so many former students today; shed a few tears; rejoiced at the artists rendering of the new school; talked to friends old and new. You see, they asked me, on a video what was it about ICS that changed me...its the people - it will always be the people..."