2019 STEM Symposium Culminates Exciting Year of Scientific Study

The 2019 Indian Creek STEM Program Symposium brought together the Upper School’s finest science-minded students to showcase their work to each other, their teachers, and their families. On Thursday, April 25, STEM freshman through juniors gathered in the Grindrod Atrium to present their work from the year in poster format, and answer audience questions.

To culminate the event, the senior STEM program members presented their long-term capstone projects through either a break-out session or Thesis Presentation. Student shared their work and their findings, then answered audience questions. This year’s seniors covered an exciting range of scientific studies.

Senior Break-Out Sessions:
  • Jared Albert: “Tracking Transits”
  • Lauren Bode: “Processed Food and Human Health”
  • James Corckran: “Comparing the Effects of Peat Moss and PittMoss on the Growth of Tomatoes”
  • Jonathan Levy: “The Journey to an Artificial Pancreas”
  • Kara Mathews: “The Effect of Physical Activity on Intellectual Performance”
  • Joey Sisle: “What Makes a Stanley Cup Champion?”
  • Alexandra Walls: “A Complete Environmental and Social Review of Biodegradable, Compostable, and Edible Tableware Companies”
Senior Thesis presentations:
  • Adam Bizri: “Desalinating and Disinfecting Efficiency and Capability of Shock Electrodialysis in a Charged, Porous Medium"
  • Parker Booth: “The Effect of Ocean Acidification on Oyster Shells”
  • Liam Lonergan: “Effects of Floating and Buried Conventional Motor Oil on Zephyranthes candida Growth, Effectiveness of Archaeal Bioremediation”
  • Will Morrissey: “Research into Early Undergraduate Level Spectroscopy Concepts”
  • Ford Smith: “Using RNN to Predict Stock Market Prices”
  • Ally Snead: “Effect of Agitation on Oyster Spat”
Congratulations to all of our STEM students on a successful year of study!