Skyping with a Legend

by the 2018-19 ICS Journalism Class
In 1965, Mary Beth Tinker wore a black arm band to school in protest of the Vietnam War. Four years later, her case, Tinker v. Des Moines, went to the Supreme Court to continue to fight for freedom of speech for all students. After studying this case, on April 24, 2019, the AP Government and Journalism students at Indian Creek had the opportunity over Skype to ask Ms. Tinker questions and hear her story.

This experience was one that the students will remember for a long time. Delaney Dignam ’19 said, “It was interesting to meet a person that I read about in history books. It was a surreal moment and I realized she’s just like everyone else. Anyone can make a huge impact.”

Ms. Tinker left a long-lasting impression on the students. Students like Sarah Mathes ’19 appreciated her interest and engagement throughout the conversation. After Ms. Tinker responded to the students’ questions, she asked the students what they were passionate about. Not only was Ms. Tinker interactive with the students, she inspired them to make a change in their community. Ryan Davis ’19 said, “I learned that sometimes speaking up for what you believe in works.” Maggie Merton ’19 agreed, sharing, “I left the conversation with Ms. Tinker inspired to be more of an activist in my community. She made me feel like I could have an impact.” 

Overall, the students enjoyed the talk with Ms. Tinker and hope to have more speakers like her in the future. Emma Kornmeyer ’21 agreed that hosting more speakers is beneficial “to immerse yourself in the different perspectives of activists.”