Pre-K4 and Kindergarten Students Celebrate Earth Day with "The Lorax" Mini-Immersion Day

In celebration of Earth Day this week, the Pre-Kindergarten 4 and Kindergarten classes held a Mini-Immersion Day based on Dr. Seuss' story, The Lorax. After listening to the story, students participated in a variety of activities inspired by the book. The children created Truffula Tree Farms using the Keeva planks and pom poms, and helped the Lorax navigate his way through a Cubetto map created to accompany the story.  Students also enjoyed a dramatic play area with a Thneed Factory and Store, and explored a sensory table where they could re-create the setting of the story. Finally, the children loved browsing a Dr. Seuss book area, and enjoyed a station where they made their very own Lorax-themed snack complete with Barbaloots, Truffula Fruits and healthy white clouds!