Aspiring Doctor Gains First-Hand Experience while Volunteering

As an aspiring pediatrician, Indian Creek sophomore Melody Kinzer serves as a student intern on the First Aid Ministry at her church, Reid Temple AME. Melody got some first-hand experience in medical assistance, and felt the joy of helping others this Easter Sunday. While at Easter services, a security guard notified Melody that there was a medical situation that needed assistance in the ladie's room. Melody responded to the situation and found a parishoner with a severe nosebleed.  Relying on her training, Melody assisted by providing paper towels and helping the woman get seated. She asked appropriate questions and sought help from a medical professional. Once the group helped with the immediate medical situation, Melody escorted the patient to a shuttle bus so that she could go home.This unexpected emergency taught Melody several lessons about being prepared, and staying calm in an emergency. Way to go Melody!