"Broadway in Crownsville!" Newsies Earns Rave Reviews

"Newsies" stop the world! Or at least the hearts of sell-out audiences at Indian Creek's grades 9-12 spring musical from April 11-14. 

"A spectacular show!"  
"I'm coming back tomorrow!" 
These were just some of the awestruck comments from the audience after Thursday's opening night. "Professionally produced, with talented, perfectionist students. ICS musicals are enjoyed by all," shared alumna parent Nancy Lyons. 
These sentiments were echoed again and again, as the largest cast in Indian Creek history - over 85 students on-stage, and 13 students on crew - put on a show that the ICS community will remember for a long time to come. And the students did not just shine onstage - This production was completely called and run by students behind the scene as well, as they handled lights, sound, cues, every aspect of the show that made this turn-of-the-century tale of the newsboy strike come to life. 

The Upper School students stepped up to share their unique talents to put on this show, as STEM students designed and built a full working model of a printing press to be used as a prop. Our dedicated costume moms had extra help this year, as students Jordan Cann and Leah Corckran helped with costume design. Jordan (who is also a starting pitcher for our Eagles Baseball team) drew the original design for Meadow Larkin's purple dress in Act II!) 

Director Jill Woodward, and Assistant Director Matt McCormick could not be more proud of the commitment shown by the Newsies cast throughout the whole process. "Obviously the show was great and the bar was set consistently high, but the kids  were so positive and worked so hard that they had fun the entire time - And that read on stage.  If the cast is having fun, the audience will too.  This really says a lot about the maturity of the kids as well as their constant positive attitudes.  It’s a real tribute to their work together. They deserve every ounce of accolades that they've received," shared Mr. McCormick. 

Head of School Dr. Rick Branson agrees with this assessment. "I always enjoy ICS theater performances. Always. Whether the performance is thought provoking or entertainment, I always (always) come away inspired. If art is meant to be evocative, Indian Creek theatre meets that test. I feel as if I see kids grow up on stage. Sometimes in a single show, sometimes over a career. I see critical thinking and problem solving; I see perseverance and resilience. And, I also see joy and happiness. I see a massive “project-based” learning experience, and one that encompasses almost half of the high school. These are all kids upthere having fun. But in Newsies, they inspired themselves, each other, their families, and the audience."

The cast of Newsies took the lyrics of one of the musical's most famous songs to heart: 

Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds 
and seize the day
Minute by minute 
that's how you win it
We will find a way
But let us seize the day.

Congratulations to the Indian Creek Newsies cast and crew on seizing the day - and the stage, and putting on a show for the ages!
Enjoy these photos from our Newsies production. To view a full downloadable gallery of photos, log in to the ICS website and navigate to News > Featured Content > Media > Newsies! 2019 or go to this link.