Kindergarten Students Transform into 'Healthy Habits Superheroes' during AAMC Visit

On Friday, April 5, the Indian Creek School Kindergarten classes travelled to Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) to learn how to “Be Healthy Habits Superheroes!,” through the Hands on Health program. This outreach program, led by the AAMC Child Life specialists, promotes healthy habits through play, self-expression activities, and age-appropriate medical education.

During their field trip to the hospital, students participated in a high-energy relay race and obstacle course and confirmed that exercise is fun. Students also learned the importance of wearing a helmet through an egg-drop activity, and used a “Glitter Bug” device to understand the importance of thoroughly washing their hands.  The students compared the benefits of healthy foods and junk foods during a “Grocery Toss,” and got to use real medical equipment to complete a check-up on a doll. 

Highlights of the visit for our Creekers came when they got to meet with (Kaiden’s mom) Dr. Brown, and also when they got to work with ICS junior Emma Bach, who volunteers with the Child Life program. Ask your favorite Kindergarteners to share what they learned so that you, too, can become a Healthy Habits Superhero!