Girls 6-8 LAX Soars to Victory Over AACS

Our Creek 6-8 Girls LAX team soared to a victory over AACS on Friday, April 5, with a final score of 8-6. It was a true team effort with newcomer Ranee O’Connor '24 and Ella Doerschner '25 stepping into goal for creek and saving the game with two saves a piece.

Linnea Alsted '23 controlled the tempo of the game with three goals and two assists and Dylan Ulehla '24 controlled the draws with a goal and and an assist. Seventh graders Grace Doerschner and Anna Porter were key in the movement of the ball with Grace contributing three goals and one assist and Anna with a goal and multiple key ground balls. Micah Ferrell-Rogers '23 and Naima Bead '25 also contributed assists for the Eagles. McKenna Mitchell '23 and Madison Hebron '24 anchored the defense. Great team effort creek!!