AP Literature Students Enjoy Chesapeake Shakespeare Company's "Henry IV, Part I"

A favorite hallmark of the Indian Creek experience for AP Literature students is the opportunity to take in a world class performance of one of the works of great playwright William Shakespeare each spring. This time of year presents a large stretch for the AP students, where they have been reading, and dissecting, and writing about great works of literature all year. These lessons include taking a deep look into several of Shakespeare's play, in preparation for the April AP exam. The students have developed an understanding of the context of the dialogue, and the ability to understand the Shakespearian style. To celebrate this achievement, and experience the magic of seeing these works come to life, the class travels to take in a play together. This year's production delighted the students and teachers, as they travelled to Baltimore to see the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company present "Henry IV, Part I."

Sparks (literally) flew during this show, as exciting swordfights took place just in front of the audience in this intimate, new venue. The always entertaining "Henry IV" characters such as Falstaff, Hotspur, and King Henry brought laughs and reflection about the true meaning of courage, valour, and honor. The Indian Creek students especially enjoyed a talk-back and photo with the cast after the show.