Pre-Kindergarten 4

The program is deeply rooted in developmentally appropriate practices even as students are continually challenged to stretch and grow. Core Knowledge units in social studies, science, and literature provide the basis of our units of study throughout the school year. Themes are developed across the curriculum so that children can explore them from multiple perspectives. Children have the opportunity to discover their unique strengths and challenges while appreciating and learning from those of others.

Jolly Phonics is the literacy program used to teach phonics. It is a multi-sensory method that is fun, motivating, and easily captivates young learners. Introduced in the three-year-old program, sounds become reinforced and blended in Pre-Kindergarten 4 as children become increasingly confident of the sound-symbol associations. A sound is introduced and practiced each week throughout the school year.

Mathematics is taught through the Building Blocks program. This curricular resource is designed particularly for early childhood students. It is hands-on and moves students from concrete to more abstract concepts. This provides a strong foundation for the use of Primary Mathematics in kindergarten.

The program also incorporates Spanish, Art, Music and Movement, Motor and Movement, Intro. to Research Lab, Character Education, iPad Technology, Quiet Alone Time, Field Trips, and Book Buddies.