Pre-Kindergarten 3

The Core Knowledge Curriculum in social studies, science and literature provides the basis for thematic units throughout the school year. All children explore these themes through a multi-disciplinary approach. The two-day enrichment option offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves more deeply in the themes with the gift of additional time to follow their own imaginations and creativity through art, music, technology, cooking, drama and play.

Through the Jolly Phonics literacy program, sounds, symbols, motions and songs are introduced on a weekly basis. As finger strength and dexterity emerge, a more formalized practice of handwriting follows in Pre-Kindergarten 4.

Core Knowledge mathematics is hands-on and exploratory as children learn concepts through activities such as: daily calendar, building with blocks, assembling puzzles, cooking, measuring, finding patterns, recognizing shapes, sorting, matching, adding and subtracting concrete objects.

For those in the three-day program, the two-day enrichment option may be selected at the outset of the year or may be added as a child matures and is better equipped to handle more days of school. Children may begin the two additional days of program at designated entry points during the school year.

The program also incorporates Spanish, Art, Music, Motor & Movement, Intro the Research Lab, Character Education, iPad Technology, Quiet Alone Time, Field Trips and Book Buddies.