Admission Testing for Grades 7-12

Upper School Campus

What test does Indian Creek require for admission?
Indian Creek School requires the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Test in the subject areas of Reading Comprehension and Mathematics for admission. The MAP test helps Indian Creek School pinpoint where students are ready to advance, and provides detailed, actionable data about where each child is on their learning path. The MAP Test is given on iPads, and is adaptive to your child’s level of learning as the program adjusts the difficulty of the questions as the test progresses. As the student answers correctly, questions become more difficult. If the student answers incorrectly, the questions become easier. This gives each student a fair opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.

How long does the test take?

The MAP test is an untimed test, and it usually takes students about one and a half hours to complete each section (Reading Comprehesion and Mathematics). After the MAP sections have been completed, students will be asked to respond to a short essay question. If your child would like to type the essay, please have them bring a laptop. Otherwise students will be submitting a hand written document. 
If your child receives accommodations, contact our office so we can receive the necessary paperwork prior to the testing day.

What if I can't attend this testing session?

Please contact Carol Mercer at to make alternate arrangements for testing.
Remaining registrations: 50