Upper School

Gatsby is Goalie!

By Lindsey Register ‘16

The week of November 7-14 may have been the busiest week of senior Cameron Johnson’s life, but also one of the best. Balancing lead roles in the theatre, on the field, and inside the classroom, Cameron does it all. The Upper School senior starred as the lead role of Jay Gatsby in the fall play “The Great Gatsby,” and held the position of goalie on the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team who won the championship for the second year in a row this past season.

After the cast list for the fall play was released, Cameron kicked off the summer by going over the lines of his character, Mr. Gatsby himself. “I was really excited and happy to be cast as Gatsby. I hoped I could do such an iconic character justice because the character himself is a symbol and one that everyone, familiar with the story, envisions in a different way,” said Cameron. Throughout the rehearsal process, Cameron immersed himself in the role and gained a whole new experience in the theatre world as a lead. “The whole process certainly forced me to learn how to properly delegate my time,” he explained.

Throughout the months of rehearsals and line memorization, Cameron was also participating in the soccer season as the boys’ varsity goalie. He held this same role in the previous season in which they had also won the championships, proving that this year was to be just as successful. “It was a successful team indeed. It was a group of people who worked really hard towards a common goal, all while being very adaptive to situations, injuries, etc.,” he said. Everyone came out to support the boys in the championship game; The play’s final tech rehearsal was postponed so that the cast could attend the game to cheer for their classmates, and the big win meant a lot to seniors such as Cameron. But his first thoughts after the victory and celebrations: “I’ve got to get to rehearsal.”

From lead actor to soccer player, Cameron has successfully been able to balance his role as a student with his time-consuming extra curricular activities. “It’s been hard juggling the roles of student and actor with the homework assignments and late night rehearsals, but I get it done and the outcome is worth it. And soccer doesn’t really interfere with my school work because Indian Creek does a great job in balancing the athletics and education to make it possible to participate in both,” said Cameron. His senior year course load includes AP Literature and Composition, AP Biology, AP Government and Politics, Journalism and Publications, Acting and Movement on the Stage, Chorus, and Solo Choir. Cameron’s plan is to major in musical theatre in the future, and Indian Creek has fully allowed him to participate in his interests and passions. “Mr. McCormick and Mrs. Woodward have strongly inspired me to continue acting as not just a hobby, but as a career,” said Cameron.

Cameron has been at Indian Creek since sixth grade and has certainly made an impression on the students, faculty, and the school itself. Always singing in class and engaging in conversation with anyone he comes across, he has a personality like no other. “Cameron is truly an inspiring talent by how he sets out to pursue his endless interests,” said fellow senior Sylvia Miller. Along with his academics, Cameron is a student always prepared to voice his opinions to help make a change. “I just like helping people. It’s in my nature, “ said Cameron.

As you can tell, Cameron Johnson is a well-rounded individual who really represents the fiber of Indian Creek School. At Indian Creek, you are truly able to do it all and excel within your individual interests, passions, and goals. So if you haven’t congratulated Cameron on his big win yet, be sure to do so, and if you haven’t read the Cappies review of “The Great Gatsby,” be sure to check that out as well. All we can say to Cameron is, “Keep it up, old sport.”

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