Lower School

Welcome to Indian Creek Lower School

Our Lower School program offers students a rich and challenging academic environment from Pre-Kindergarten 3 through fifth grade. We provide an atmosphere that is intentionally designed to be rigorous, yet stress-free. We believe it is essential that instruction is tailored to meet each child’s unique learning style, therefore academically gifted students remain engaged and those who require more support are equipped with alternative learning strategies. From the outset with our youngest students, children are taught how their brains work and how to participate in their own development as learners so they can reach their greatest potential. Neuroscience is foundational to our program, consequently we create classroom conditions that increase cognition, attentiveness, and information retention.

We believe in the importance of engaging students in a well-rounded program through the academic pursuits of the core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies. Language arts education takes place throughout the day in all grade levels, incorporating skills both within designated language arts periods and also spanning across various subject areas. Children become writers from their earliest ‘pretend’ writing to complex writing in the older grades. Reading is taught in a multi-sensory manner from Pre-Kindergarten through grade two, while a love of reading is instilled at all grade levels by listening to stories, interacting with poetry, and developing a thirst for knowledge and wisdom through informational texts and persuasive writing.

We encourage students to see themselves as mathematicians, as they develop their existing math skills each year, while also learning and developing more advanced skills through the use of research-based programs. Students learn about the world around them through our focus on social studies and science, ranging from lessons and experiences in the immediate environment and spanning to global cultures and the universe beyond. In addition to the academic pursuits within each classroom, students also spend time developing their character and learning values such as those of honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility.

Lower School students engage in special subjects that extend beyond their homeroom, including Spanish, music, physical education (Motor and Movement in Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten, Motor and Fitness in first and second grades, and Fitness and Health in third through fifth grades), research lab, and art. Beginning in Kindergarten, students also enjoy a weekly Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) lab in which they are able to delve further into various topics that may have been introduced within the context of the classroom. Weekly clubs are offered beginning in first grade to help students explore their interests and socialize with students outside of their peer group, whereas extra vocal and instrumental music options begin in second and third grades.

For a better understanding of our program, please visit our Early Childhood and Grades 1-5 curriculum pages or stop by for a visit, as this is the best way to truly see Indian Creek learning in action!

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