Middle School Athletics

Indian Creek Middle School Athletics offers an interscholastic sports program for boys and girls throughout the year: soccer, field hockey, and cross-country in the fall; basketball in the winter; and lacrosse and tennis in the spring. Each year, 75% or more Middle School students participate in an interscholastic sport.

Team sports offer many positive benefits to players, and coaches strive to recognize the individual contributions of all athletes. Each Middle School student is given an opportunity to contribute and be a part of a team, regardless of ability level. Students are assigned to teams based on their competitive level, and will receive playing time based on their personal commitment to the team. 

Middle School teams compete to win but realize that the final score isn’t the only indicator of success at the Middle School level.

Indian Creek’s Middle School approaches extra-curricular activities with the student and family in mind, and does not expect students to give up other interests to devote all of their free time to one sport or activity. All practices and games are played on weekdays to allow for other family activities on weekends. The Middle School years are a time to explore and experience a variety of sports and other activities, as well.

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Our Goals and Philosophy

We believe that every child deserves a healthy and active lifestyle, that every child can contribute to a team, and that every child should experience the thrill of being physically active – regardless of innate ability, past experiences, or physical limitations. We design our curriculum around innovative activities and inclusive, non-threatening 

equipment that will level the playing field to ensure that all students – not just those with a traditional sports background – can experience the benefits of physical activity. Our program is designed to spark a lifelong interest in physical fitness and instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


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