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Indian Creek ArtsWhen children express themselves through visual art, they are not only pouring their emotions in to their work, but developing critical thinking and bolstering problem solving skills. Many studies have shown that arts education promotes literacy skills, and researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that arts education actually strengthens neural connections in developing brains.

Indian Creek students attend art classes throughout their careers at the School. Students in younger grades use multiple media in projects that reflect their study of artists throughout history, as well as the subjects they are studying in the classroom. Lower School students see their work in an annual show at West Annapolis ArtWorks. As students get older, their projects become larger, and longer-term, while maintaining the multidisciplinary aspect.Indian Creek Arts

When students reach the Upper School, they are required to take two credits in the arts, but are able to choose from 2-D and 3-D classes at multiple levels, including Art Foundations, Studio Art: 2D, Ceramics and Sculpture, and AP Art History. Students who demonstrate continued commitment, interest, and skill in the arts may be able to arrange an Independent Study program that will allow them to spend a semester or more exploring their chosen medium in larger scope.

Accomplished art students may be commissioned to create a large-scale work of art for the Upper School; a number of such paintings grace the hallways. Recent graduates have received many accolades, including selection to study photography in a summer program with National Geographic in Barcelona, Spain; selection to photograph the Maryland Art Educators Association (MAEA) exhibit at the Maryland State House; artwork selected to show at the MAEA exhibit at the

Maryland State House; and a recipient of a first-place art scholarship to Notre Dame of Maryland University. From January 8 through February 16, 2014, selected works from Upper School students will be featured in a show at Quiet Waters Park.

Indian Creek Arts

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