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As we considered the most valuable, equitable, and achievable approach to assessing learning in the Virtual School environment, Indian Creek has decided to focus on student competencies – rather than traditional grades during this time.  Competencies are combinations of knowledge, skills and attitudes that students develop and apply for successful learning, living and working. They emphasize aspects of learning that apply within and across all subject areas. These non-cognitive skills help students to succeed both in and outside of school. Each session of Virtual School will focus on a specific competency for students in Pre-K3 through grade 12. Each competency will feature an accompanying Community Challenge to encourage thoughtful participation.

Creek Capsule Challenge

As part of Indian Creek School’s mission to develop independent, self-aware learners, we are focusing on the school-wide learning competency of Communication for Session 2 of Virtual School.

Communication is the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another through verbal, non-verbal, written, or visual means. Strong communication skills help individuals to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively, advocate for themselves, connect with others, and effectively respond to the world around them.

During Session 2 of Virtual School (from April 14 – May 1) we challenge all ICS students to create a “Creek Capsule” to communicate to their peers, their future selves, and forthcoming generations about what life was like for the during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students may create their Creek Capsules using the method of communication (or combinations of methods) that best helps them to convey their experience.

Some examples may include:
  • A box of mementos: Fill a container with items that symbolize this time, like a roll of toilet paper, an empty bottle of hand sanitizer and a printout of DIY mask-making instructions. Include a list of the movies and TV shows you've binge-watched, with a doodle of the "Tiger King." Print photos of you and your family wearing masks, playing cards, taking a walk and celebrating special occasions together. You can even print screenshots of memes that capture the times. If you have them, add some newspaper or magazine clippings, too. A nice addition is a letter to your future self about what living through this pandemic is really like.
  • A journal:  Whether you treat it as its own time capsule or add it to a larger collection of items, this is a great resource for keeping track of your thoughts and feelings. 

We invite all members of our Creek Community to share their Creek Capsules with us by sending a photo, video, playlist, packet, or any other media that represents your project to or sharing to ICS social media using the hashtag #creekcapsule now through May 1.

Session 1 Initiative: Eagles Wellness Bingo

Eagles Wellness Bingo Challenge
March 25 - April 10

Virtual School Session 1 focuses on the competency of Wellness. It is important to our community that our students, faculty, and families intentionally work to establish a sense of routine, balance, and self-care in this new environment. Wellness includes exercise, healthy eating, balancing screen time, intellectual and artistic endeavors, and an appreciation for loved ones, among other good habits. Of course, committing to the new learning environment and dedicating oneself to Virtual School coursework is an essential piece of this new routine and balance. It is our hope that Indian Creek students can strive to work hard, enjoy their downtime, and appreciate the support that their family structures provide to them.

As part of our focus on wellness, all students are invited to participate in our Eagles Wellness Bingo challenge. Each day of Session 1, students can download or print an Eagles Wellness Bingo board and mark wellness activities as they accomplish them. When a full row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) is complete, students can notify our Communications Office (through email or Facebook) by simply saying “Bingo,” sharing a photo of your card, or uploading a photo of the student completing one of the tasks with the hashtag #eagleswellnessbingo. Daily submissions may be shared through ICS media, and cumulative grade level winners will be announced at the end of Session 1.
    • Eagles Wellness Bingo

Our whole family looks forward to seeing who gets Bingo first each day. This has been a fun competition to get us into an at-home routine!