Grades 9-12
June 22 - July 17
Acceleration Course (1/2 credit)

Why are people fighting in Kashmir? How does the internet both increase people’s access to knowledge and hinder it? Why is foreign interference in elections an increasing threat?

These are modern issues in the world that have their basis in the past. This course gives students the task of researching the societal, sociological, and anthropological nature of significant contemporary events and explaining how these facts complicate world issues. Through the research process, students will develop core competencies in collaborating with student in other locations, investigating content relevant to real-world issues, organizing and executing independent learning, and leveraging digital tools to support their scholarship.

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    Mr. Tom "Tom" Sheppard 

    Indian Creek School
    Humanities Faculty; Varsity and JV Cross Country Coach
    Johns Hopkins University - M.A.
    United States Navy - Special Warfare (SEAL) Officer