Grades 9-12
June 22 - July 31
Acceleration Course (1 credit*)

Precalculus is a capstone course in algebra, geometry, statistics, and function behavior. It is the final course that most Upper School students take before proceeding to college-level mathematics. Whether you are looking to fulfil this requirement during the summer when you have time to focus or to reenforce your understanding of this curriculum, this Summer Term course will increase your competency in high school mathematics.

The goals of this course are to:
  1. Consolidate and reinforce understanding of algebra and geometry through targeted, individualized practice.
  2. Begin a study of data analysis, statistics, and probabilistic thinking, to augment a concurrent course in statistics, or prepare for a later one.
  3. Study how to model systems in the real world with various classes of functional behavior: linear, rational, polynomial, exponential, periodic.
  4. Use some of the tools of calculus, such as limiting behavior, symmetry, rate of change, accumulation, recursion, and sums, to analyze mathematical models.
  5. Use mathematical modeling to tackle real-world problems in physics, chemistry, biology, epidemiology, medicine, economics, and other fields.
In this BLinc, students will also:
  • Use online, automated platforms for practicing fundamental mathematical skills. A significant portion of this will be self-selected and self-paced.
  • Regularly work on projects and open-ended problems in small teams. They will present their work in synchronous meetings online, with feedback from the instructor and from peers.
  • Have more than one option for demonstrating mastery, for certain standards. Choices for non-traditional assessment will be made available when possible.
  • Work with widely used computational applications and programming languages to solve problems. Students interested in computing will have additional options for meeting certain standards via these platforms.
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Algebra 2

*Summer Term acceleration courses are designed to meet Indian Creek's credit requirements. ICS students will receive these credits upon successful completion of these courses. Other schools may accept summer term credits at their discretion. Students are responsible for providing their course transcript to their school for credit approval.

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