Grades 9-12
June 22 - July 31
Acceleration Course: (1 course credit*)

Summer Geometry is an intensive six-week course in which students will learn about many foundational ideas in mathematics, foremost among them being how to construct proofs of mathematical statements. 

Using careful, well-reasoned arguments in proofs allows students to formalize their previous experiences with geometry and understand rigorous mathematical reasoning. Making connections between algebra and geometry is an important thread that runs throughout the course. Students learn about congruence, similarity, and symmetry from the perspective of transformations of plane figures. Right triangles, trigonometry, and circles are studied and the connections between them are explored. Students will be able to express geometric properties with equations, understand geometric measurement and dimension, and create models using geometry.

Whether you are looking to gain high school credit for this course or bolster your existing mastery of the subject, this course will leave you competent and confident in Geometry.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1

*Summer Term acceleration courses are designed to meet Indian Creek's credit requirements. ICS students will receive these credits upon successful completion of these courses. Other schools may accept summer term credits at their discretion. Students are responsible for providing their course transcript to their school for credit approval.

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