Wonders of ICS!

The Indian Creek School Class of 2026 took their studies of the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio to new heights, as they embarked on their own “Wonders of ICS” project.

“Wonders of ICS” gave the fifth graders the opportunity to “tell their stories” through interviews with their classmates. Students chose questions they wanted to be interviewed about in order to “tell their story,” then selected a background for their video that they felt would help tell their story. These interviews were filmed and shown in an assembly for students and parents on Thursday, November 8.

Students also created their own precepts about themselves and how they see the world. They shared these precepts in a round table discussion with other students and their parents. Parents participated by answering student questions and sharing their thoughts about the subject related to the novel. The goal is for our students to exhibit kindness and empathy for all and hopefully teach others to follow their lead.

Ms. Bachenberg, Ms. Coleman, Ms. Strickland, Ms. Alexander, and Ms. Kornmeyer feel that this project is quite valuable project for the students. As Ms. Coleman shared, “I love this project because I feel like the kids show a side to themselves that teachers (and the student’s peers) don’t always get to see. They are opening up a window into their world and for some of them, it’s a stretch to be vulnerable even in that small way. When I watch their videos, I feel proud that these are our kids and I feel hopeful because I believe they are the good in the world.”