Creepy Creek Haunts the Upper School for Even Scarier Fun

On Friday, October 26, the Tri-M Music honor society held their annual Creepy Creek event, in which they create a terrifying, haunted house-style tour to provide Halloween fun for the community. This year, for the first time, weather conditions forced Creepy Creek to take place indoors, and unfortunately resulted in the cancellation of the Enchanted Forest event for younger children that usually accompanies it. Many sixth through eighth grade students braved the tour after their Costume Dance. Corageous Upper School students, parents, and outside visitors took the scary walk as well.

Despite the unforeseen weather, Creepy Creek was a huge hit, and many described it as one of the most fun, and most scary, Creepy Creek events in recent memory. Tri-M would like to send their thanks to the fantastic physical plant who ensured that everything ran smoothly, as well as the student and parent volunteers who assisted in running the event. Tri-M hopes that next year's event will see less rainy weather, and more terrifying scares!