“So You Want to Start a Revolution!”

Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence, and underground networks of frustrated colonists all came to life this week in Mr. Brad Woodward’s seventh grade American History class. After debating the pros and cons of colonial life, teams of aspiring revolutionists developed a list of demands for the changes they would like to see from their tyrannical government. Being denied the just and equal right of “no taxation without representation” inspired each team to create a modern-day equivalent of the types of demands that British colonist living in America would have been concerned about back in the late 1700’s.

The young citizens of Indian Creek also generated a list collective governmental changes that - in the opinion of the students - would benefit modern world as emblematic of the concerns express by America’s founding fathers.  This list spanned themes great and small including health care, equal rights, employment opportunities, free speech, access to education and education funding, lobbyist groups, the minimum wage. Additionally, the students were quite vocal in their desire to lower the voting age in order to give real meaning to their voices. The conversations sparked by this activity were thoughtful and included a respectful sharing of opinions, even when students disagreed about a topic. The students provided a strong example of one of their highest priorities: Creating a more respectful, supportive society.

These seventh-grade students will continue to follow the developments of the changes brought on by the American Revolution and to be encouraged and empowered to develop ideals for their own future.